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Sur-Ron Light Bee X

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Color: orange
  • Technical Specifications


    Length: 1870mm

    Width: 780mm
    Height: 1040mm

    Seat Height: 810mm
    Minimum ground distance: 270mm
    Wheelbase: 1260mm
    Vehicle quality: 50kg
    Front axle mass distribution: 24kg
    Rear axle mass distribution: 26kg
    Maximum load weight: 100kg
    Angle and itinerary

    Anteversion: 26 °

    Direction of the steering angle: 46 °
    Front fork travel: 200mm
    After the reduction / round travel: 87 / 210mm
    Performance and transmission

    Motor maximum speed: 4500r / min

    Cooling method: forced air cooling
    Climbing angle: 35 °
    Endurance: 100km (20km / h speed)
    Maximum torque: 200N.m
    Transmission type and transmission ratio: 1: 7.6
    Drive: belt + chain
    Belt specifications: horse brand HTD 8M CXA drive
    Frame and shock

    Frame type: aluminum double cradle

    Front shock type: double cylinder is vertical telescopic
    After the shock type: multi-link center shock
    Tires and Brakes

    Tire specifications (front): 70 / 100-19

    Tire specifications (after): 70 / 100-19
    Rim type (front): 19x1.4
    Rim type (after): 19x1.4
    Brake type (front): to the four-piston hydraulic disc brake
    Brake type (rear): to the four-piston hydraulic disc brake
    Electronic components

    Motor:  60V 5400W

    Lithium battery: 60V32AH

    Controller type: 48 / 60V adaptive

    ECU type: GPS data connection
    Speaker: European standard speaker
    Charger type: constant current constant voltage 58.8V-5A
    Power battery specifications: 51.8V25AH lithium battery pack
    Front headlamps type: bicycle headlights (v) (w) (mm)
    Brake light / rear light Type: Bicycle Deuterium (v) (w)
    USB power supply: USB-2.1A single socket
    Instrument: IBN negative liquid crystal instrument